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 …. driving technology with imagination

Who are we?

Formed in 1996 Comco Associates is able to draw on the combined resources and experience of all of its’ members to provide cost effective, ‘single-source’ turnkey solutions to fit the needs of Businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

Our breadth of skills gives us the confidence to advise clients and create imaginative solutions that will fit both customer requirements and their budgets perfectly.

We have a pragmatic approach to business, we will discuss your requirements, agree a price and then get on with the job – no method statements or any other price jacking waste of time and effort. Quite simply if you don’t like it, you don’t pay us until we get it right!

Whilst our offices are in London for convenience, most of the team are from Yorkshire, we were brought up not to waste time or money, so we usually get the job right first time!

What do we do?

We offer a complete portfolio of consultancy, project management and implementation services.

  • We are able to develop your ongoing IT strategy.
  • We can design and implement a secure networked environment.
  • We can guide you through IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stacking
  • We can build-in secure facilities to bring together outworkers from anywhere in the world.
  • We can sow the seeds of a server farm and harvest the data centers.
  • We can manage roll out and installation of new systems.
  • We can design, develop and optimise an online presence that will showcase your products to the world.

And when all that is in place we are able to provide a full range of IT support and training services that will underpin your business infrastructure.

What is our Pedigree?

We are a small group of formally trained software and network engineers that met at University. We graduated with BSc Honors in the various disciplines of Computer Science. – Software Engineering, Information Engineering, Internet and Network Technologies, Electronic Engineering, to name but a few.

After graduating we gained Professional ‘industry based’ Qualifications with organisations such as BCS, Cisco and Microsoft.

Whilst all these qualifications may, or indeed may not, seem impressive in isolation, we firmly believe that plain old common sense is the essential catalyst that allows us to leverage the formal qualifications to our best advantage. We all have common sense in abundance, now that’s impressive!

Our collective synergy drives us to excel in all areas of the Information and Communications Technology Industry.

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