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RITA® – Remote IT Assistance

What is RITA®

Whether your business has a network of only two computers or a more complex installation spanning multiple offices, maybe in different locations, Comco can create support solutions that are designed to meet your needs perfectly.

If you need expert technical assistance, but do not need the expense of a full time IT department, then our support solutions are designed for you. Based on the number of machines in your network we can offer a comprehensive and affordable range of remote support solutions to match your business needs.

Our RITA Service Desk is at the center of all our support services. All our Service Desk analysts are trained and qualified to work right across the IT spectrum, from assisting desktop end users through to identifying & rectifying advanced technical issues in the wider system.

  • RITA® Service is available 24/7
  • IT Professionals with Advanced Qualifications
  • Experienced UK based support team
  • Global reach

Our Desktop Assistance through RITA® is designed to work with end-users to identify and correct any issues. We have the capability to assist remotely using a highly secure industry leading tool. This enables our team to resolve problems quickly, efficiently and at a price that will not cause a sharp intake of breath.

Supporting all major manufacturers’ hardware and software allows us through our RITA® system to be the single point of contact for all remote IT assistance around the globe.

Many network problems manifest themselves at the end users’ desktop computer. With our system we can work with an end user to establish what the issue is for them, which in turn can reveal any underlying issues existing within any system they may be part of. If a customer also has network and server support through us we can usually resolve the problem remotely wherever it may be within the infrastructure.

To discuss how your business network can benefit from a Comco/RITA®  flexible service agreement please contact us using the form. Just ask for further details about how RITA® can save you money.

If you need expert technical assistance, but without the expense of an onsite IT department, give us a call.

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