Proceedure to Report Cases of Discrimination

  1.  If you are refused entry or asked to leave an establishment, restaurant, school, etc document it with photo’s, dates and times, name and location of venue, plus, if possible, names of the individuals refusing you entry.
  2. Call the human rights commission: +44 161 829 8100 (Manchester UK)
  3. Make a complaint and get a file number.
  4. Use that file number and make a statement using all the information you documented in step (1).
  5. The human rights commission will serve the venue with papers of intended prosecution.
  6. Of course the venue that rejected you will be confident of a win in court.
  7. However you will win in court because their action is totally unlawful. The judge will force them to pay compensation to you because the human rights commission will remind them no business private or public can discriminate against anyone based on religion, race and yes any health reasons because it is illegal, and the government will not back them because their support would be unlawful!
  8. As more individuals take this action these misguided venues will soon become overwhelmed with legal actions. A successful case will cost them up to £9000 and all cases will be successful. No venue can sustain this level of fines. After one or two fines they will start to fight against enforcing the unlawful government descriminatory passport mandates by allowing entry to everyone with no checks.

The venues will have to pay for breaking the law, and they will not be able to handle more than 1 case at a time. No protesting is needed. No boycotting. There are many systems in place but no education on any of them.  If you truly want to be free and not feel like a victim then take these steps and share them with friends. – JUST SAY NO!