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By March 26, 2011May 28th, 2017News

The World’s largest spam network, The Rustock botnet, has been raided and dismantled in the US.

The network, which is thought to have sent up to 30 billion messages per day, was run by a small team says a senior investigator involved in dismantling the spam giant.

“It does not look like there were more than a couple of people running it to me,” said Alex Lanstein, a senior engineer at security firm FireEye, which helped with the investigation into Rustock.

The investigation and shut down of Rustock was undertaken by FireEye, Microsoft, Pfizer and others was culminated on 16 March with simultaneous raids on data centres in seven US cities that seized 96 servers which had acted as the command and control (C&C) system for Rustock.
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